Who we are

Translation & Subtitling

Trans Titles provides language and localization services, including translation of texts and documents, transcription, subtitling, narration, voiceover, dubbing, accessibility, website and application localization, sign language interpreting, simultaneous interpreting and consecutive interpreting.

Our services are tailored for the television and streaming industry, the film industry, as well as businesses, institutional bodies and agencies and anyone else who needs them.

Anywhere, anytime, any language

Our professional teams, organizational flexibility, efficient operation system and technological innovations are all at your service. As are our more than 20 years of experience, countless screen hours and stellar reputation.

We have extensive experience in setting up complex systems and managing customer-focused operations for each project, of any size, right down to the final word.

Trans Titles is a world leader in designing and implementing advanced technological tools, and in the specification and development of innovative and creative solutions to address the challenges our clients and our talented teams face.

We are experienced in cross-border collaborations and in finding unique and dedicated solutions so as to provide the most professional and high-quality service, while taking the utmost care to protect information and maintain security and confidentiality according to international standards.

We are translators, but that’s not all we are…

We at Trans Titles believe in a world without borders, a world of connections and bridges, a world of collaborations, exchanges of ideas and diversity.

We believe in boundless opportunities and our experience has taught us that embracing a new, different language is a wonderful opportunity to enrich our world, expand our horizons and make new businesses.

We are firm believers in the power of sharing and consuming content, of enabling dialogue, of thinking, working, playing and learning together.

We at Trans Titles believe that every word counts

We believe in the right to be able to understand and communicate, anywhere, anytime, in any language.

and we work at it, day in day out

To ensure maximum efficiency and a quality service, even under challenging schedules, as well as compliance with the most stringent standards of information security and privacy, we use OOONA’s management platform and tools.

Trans Titles is proud to be the co-founder of OOONA, one of the world’s leading and pioneering software development companies in the localization market.

Trans Titles

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