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Trans Titles is a market leader in the subtitling field in Israel and has gained international repute as an expert in audiovisual translation.

We translate, transcribe and produce subtitles for all screen types and all media – anywhere, anytime and in any language

We work with all the local television broadcasters as well as numerous production companies in Israel and around the world. Our clients are creators and producers, cultural and academic institutions, organizations and companies from all sectors and of all sizes, and we endeavour to meet all their needs and demands.

We translate from almost any language to any language and have unrivalled experience and expertise in translating and producing subtitles for television and cinema in Israel.

We are proud of our portfolio, comprised of countless translation and transcription jobs of all types, in every subject and for all target audiences: documentaries, period dramas, hospital dramas, court dramas, spy and law enforcement series, reality shows, telenovelas, mockumentaries, comedies and sitcoms, children’s programs, talk shows, investigative and magazine programs, news broadcasts and reports, speeches and ceremonies, game shows, sports programs, student films and raw footage, marketing and corporate videos, testimonial videos, instructional and informative videos, training and educational videos, Bar Mitzvah and wedding videos, family documentaries, and much more. We translate, transcribe and produce subtitles for all types of screens and all media.

Trans Titles also provides the industry with support services such as file encoding and conversion, production of dialogue lists and translation of scripts.

Trans Titles delivers subtitles in all industry formats

We provide subtitles in TTML / DFXP, VTT, SCC, CAP, EBU STL, SRT 890, PAC, DLP XML and many other additional formats.

We also provide subtitles for production of DVDs, Blu-rays and DCPs, and export files on demand into editing programs such as Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, Avid and DaVinci Resolve.

Our subtitle studio, which produces tens of thousands of screen hours a year, exploits different operating channels that are uniquely tailored to each customer, each project and each type of content.

Our highly competent operations staff together with our professional, skilled and talented teams, ensure that throughout all the stages of the subtitle production process – transcription, translation, scheduling, language editing, proofreading and quality control – every word counts.

Our services are tailored for the television and streaming industry, the film industry, as well as businesses, institutional bodies and agencies and anyone else who needs them.

Anywhere, anytime, any language

Texts & Documents

Trans Titles provides text and document translation services on demand, in a wide range of fields and domains: legal, financial, medical, technical, marketing, reports, records, articles, correspondence, user guides and newsletters, patents, certificates, forms and more.

We work with the very best translators in Israel and around the world and, for every project, we assign the most competent, skilled and professional staff in the required field of knowledge.

We offer our services to clients from diverse business sectors and institutions engaged in various fields of activity and to anyone in need of translation or interpreting.

Our services include notary certifications and Apostille authorisations, as needed.

Interpreting Services

Sign Language, Simultaneous & Consecutive Interpreting

Trans Titles works with the very best interpreters in Israel, in a variety of languages, and provides simultaneous interpretation services, including specialized equipment, for conferences, conventions and events in any field and of any size.

Trans Titles also offers consecutive interpretation services in multilingual settings such as meetings and speeches, court hearings, live news reports and more.

Since 2002 Trans Titles has been providing live and recorded interpreting services into Israeli Sign Language for newscasts and TV shows as well as for films and live events.

We also provide interpreting into Israeli Sign Language in real time, delivered at the client’s site or remotely, to institutions, organizations, businesses and anyone else who requires this service.

Website & App Localization

Trans Titles provides translation and localization services for websites and applications, always ensuring top-notch quality for the end user. We work with highly professional and skilled teams that are not only proficient in the language, but also fully conversant with the culture, history and geography of the target community.

Upon the launch of the product, whether a website or an app, the users are sure to enjoy a smooth, streamlined and enjoyable experience.

Voiceover & Dubbing

Trans Titles provides on-demand voiceover, narration and dubbing services for movies, series, commercials, educational programs and all types of video.
We work with the finest and most professional dubbing studios in Israel and abroad.

Trans Titles

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